Sebastian The Panda - Corduroy Squeaker Plush Dog Toy


Full bodied plush squeaker toys are great for a cuddle and chew. These multi-sensory toys are adorable, fully-stuffed chubby friends with a squeaker and crinkle paper for added entertainment. Crafted with great attention to detail the corduroy has ridges to excite pups chewing by providing different textures and thickness for added durability, a 2.5 of 5 on the chew scale. The cute, friendly design makes them a fun addition to any home and a sure favorite for pups. Great for dogs of all sizes but especially ideal for medium and large dogs. They are retail-ready with backcard/hangtag for quick and easy display. Not for children. A dog needs at least 7 toys with each one of the five factors listed below. This toy meets 2 of those Criteria: Chewing and Comforting. Five factor toys test. Does your dog: 1. Chew it 2. Tug it * 3. Fetch it 4. Interact with it 5. Find Comfort with it *