Pink Pig Skinny Plush Dog Toy with Crinkle and Squeaker


Cuddle up for a doggy nap then wake up to play. The extra-long Beatrice The Pig Skinny Plush Toys are soft and comforting for the pup in need of rest or entertainment. The Medium Pile plush body has crinkle paper and minimal stuffing for more fun and less clean up. The head with squeaker and adorable face make playtime exciting, full of multi-sensory fun. When it comes time to rest the extra-soft fabric will become a cuddle favorite. Great for games of light tug and tossing, 2 of 5 on the chew scale. They are retail-ready with backcard/hangtag for quick and easy display. Not for children. A dog needs at least 7 toys with each one of the five factors listed below. This toy meets 2 of those Criteria: Tugging and Comforting Five factor toys test. Does your dog: 1. Chew it 2. Tug it * 3. Fetch it 4. Interact with it 5. Find Comfort with it *